Admission Type

Spring Admission
  1. Academic programs

    Academic programThis table demonstrates Master’s degree programs and Doctoral degree programs
    Master’s degree programs

    Interpretation: Korean-English; Korean-French; Korean-Chinese; Korean-Japanese

    Translation: Korean-English; Korean-French; Korean-Chinese; Korean-Japanese

    Doctoral degree programs

    Interpretation; Translation; Interpretation & Translation

  2. Applications accepted in September through October

  3. Entrance exams take place in October or November

    Admission schedule and other details are posted on the Korean version of the website (

Admission Process(2023)

Master’s degree programs
  1. Interpretation: Oral exam (A↔B), Sight translation (A↔B, only for Korean-Japanese concentration)

  2. Translation: Written exam (A↔B)

Note: Applicants in all language concentrations (except for Korean-English) can apply for both Interpretation and Translation as their first and second choices. If there is a tie, the priority will be given to the first choice applicant.

Doctoral degree programs
  1. Study plan, Theory exam (taken in Korean), Interview

Required Documents(2025)

Required DocumentsThis table demonstrates Required Documents through document, submission.
Document Submission
Master Doctoral
Application Form O O Complete the online application and submit the printed application form.
Diploma(s) or
Certificate of
(expected) Graduation
  • Master's: official undergraduate diploma (or certificate of graduation)

  • Doctoral: official undergraduate AND graduate diplomas (or certificate of graduation)

  • Applicants with a degree from a Chinese university

    (Master's applicants can submit one of the documents below. Doctoral applicants must submit document①)

    1. ① A certificate of degree issued by China Higher Education Student Information ( or China Degrees Graduation Education Information (

      Given that the issuance of Chinese documents takes time, applicants are advised to apply for them at least a few months in advance.

    2. ② Certificate of Bachelor’s Degree AND official transcript for all semesters with Korean translation. The documents should be both translated and notarized in Korea (Refer to※ below).

  • When applicants holding degrees from schools overseas submit a copy of their diploma or certificate of graduation, they are required to bring the original diploma or certificate of graduation (with notarized Korean or English translation) with them to present to the Office of Admission for authenticity check.

    This item is not applied to applicants with a degree from a Chinese University.

Document validating language proficiency
AND a passport
copy of the
(for foreigners)

International applicants with foreign citizenship should submit a certificate of level 4 or above in TOPIK (which must be valid on the application deadline) and a copy of the applicant’s passport.

Official Transcript
of Academic
  • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts (1 copy for each)

  • Transfer or double major applicants should submit the official transcript for all undergraduate/graduate work.

Personal Statement

Download form from GSTI website.

Study Plan

Download form from GSTI website.

Letter of

  • Download form from GSTI website.

  • The letter must be written and sent by the referee.

    (If submitted by the applicant, the letter must be sealed and signed by the referee.)


A certificate of former employment; documented evidence of experience in interpreting or translation; research papers (including a master’s thesis) -- (not all applicants are required to submit all of the above documents)

All required documents should be submitted as an original hard copy (Note that the certificate of degree must be a copy authenticated by the Office of Admission). Documents which are not written in Korean or English must be accompanied by a notarized Korean or English translation.

When accepted for the master’s program, applicants with a degree from a Chinese university who have submitted document ② should submit a certificate of degree issued by China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (  as a proof of their educational qualification by January.

Language Translation Disclaimer: The official text is the Korean version of the Ewha GSTI website. If any questions arise concerning the accuracy of the information presented by the English translation of the website, please refer to the Korean version of the website, which is the official version.