Educational Goals

The Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation (GSTI) at Ewha Womans University was established in March 1997 as Korea moved towards globalization and increased openness in trade and cultural exchange. Based on Ewha’s Christian principles of service and truth, GSTI trains translators and interpreters who can take the lead in fulfilling demands from all sectors, from business to academic.

Ewha GSTI focuses on the following objectives to cultivate professionals with solid training in both theory and practice.

  • Equip students with the skills, professional integrity, and character to help them become world-class interpreters and translators.

  • Help students sharpen their linguistic capabilities in both their primary and secondary language.

  • Raise students’ awareness of other cultures and views.

  • Help students acquire and understand specialized knowledge in the various fields required for interpretation and translation.

  • Engage in academic and pedagogical research to seek advancement in interpretation and translation studies.